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Health at Every Size® Healthcare Provider Listing

Samantha Barash, RD


Registered Dietitian

Tap Into Nutrition
United States

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Sliding Scale Available
Specialties & Areas of Focus:
- Eating Disorders
- Disordered Eating
- Weight Inclusive Nutrition
Modalities & Theoretical Lenses:
- Fat Positive
- Weight Inclusive Nutrition
Age Groups Served:
- Children (birth through 12 years)
- Teens (13-18 years old)
- Adults (18 years old and up)
- Older Adults (65+ years old)
Languages Services Offered In:
- English

My Philosophy of Care

My care philosophy centers on personalized, respectful healthcare. Guided by a gentle nutrition approach and a profound respect for lived experiences, I acknowledge that health is deeply individualized. I firmly believe that health is more than your physical body and not meeting society's conventional standards of health is not owed to society. This belief underscores the importance of Health at Every Size® (HAES) care in my practice. Being a HAES provider means valuing each patient's unique background and experiences, fostering human connections, and upholding ethical principles. Social, cultural, environmental, and political factors shape our relationship with food and body. These complexities are met with warmth and without judgment. In my approach, the client is the focal point. Through empathetic collaboration, I work with you to create a care plan that respects your autonomy and aspirations. My aim is to provide a safe space where people feel heard, valued, and empowered to make informed choices. My philosophy revolves around compassion, inclusivity, and a shared commitment to your well-being, regardless of where you are on your path.

About Me & My Practice

Samantha Barash is a non-diet, weight inclusive registered dietitian and the founder of Tap Into Nutrition, a Detroit based virtual private practice specializing in chronic dieting, disordered eating and eating disorders. Samantha is passionate about helping individuals find a healthy relationship with food and their bodies while letting go of the pressures of diet culture and associated stigmas surrounding weight and perceived health. Beyond working 1:1 with clients, Sam also facilitates a virtual non-diet support group and provides supervision for professionals looking to take a weight-inclusive approach to their practices. When Sam isn’t talking about how we can dismantle medical fatphobia, she can be found checking out local coffee shops and restaurants or spending time with friends and family.

Accessibility Considerations

In striving for inclusivity, our practice aims for accessibility. Wheelchair-friendly facilities, accessible parking, and furniture accommodating diverse sizes are available. We offer the flexibility of virtual or in-person sessions. Gender-affirming practices are integral, and all are welcome here. Additionally, we offer support by reviewing onboarding paperwork through phone or video if needed to ensure full understanding and confidence. Your comfort and autonomy are pivotal in our approach.

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