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the future of asdah survey

Reimagining ASDAH’s Purpose, Vision, and Values and the Health at Every Size® Principles

As we approach ASDAH’s 20th anniversary, and nearly ten years since the last revision of the Health at Every Size® Principles, we are undergoing profound transformation within ASDAH and throughout our communities. As our work reaches more and more people, we see the ongoing and profound need to transform systems of care to truly include all bodies and people. At the same time we also see that advocacy for Health at Every Size® has fallen far short of being inclusive of all bodies, in particular for Black, Indigenous, and all people of color; disabled and chronically ill people; superfat/infinifat+ people; and transgender people.

Our collective transformation has been hard work, often uncomfortable as we stretch with new ideas, while also being liberating, joyful, and full of solidarity. It is time again to re-affirm, reassess, and reimagine our work in and through ASDAH and Health at Every Size®. Throughout this board year (July 2022-June 2023), we will revise our Purpose, Vision, Values, and the Health at Every Size® Principles. This survey serves as the first of many opportunities for input into this process.

We are looking to hear from those most impacted by fatphobia in the Medical Industrial Complex (also known as the healthcare system). If you experience medical fatphobia, including avoiding healthcare altogether, consider taking 15 minutes to share your input towards a collective reimagining of ASDAH’s Purpose, Vision, and Values and the Health at Every Size® Principles. 

If you are a healthcare provider, professional, and/or advocate, please share this opportunity with your patients and clients who are impacted by medical fatphobia! 

The survey closed December 18th. Stay tuned for more input opportunities!


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