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Abolish the BMI Coalition

Our Vision

We envision a world where BMI does not exist, and is not replaced with another size-based, anti-fat measure of health. 

We envision a world beyond health, where we lean into our collective wisdom for our wellness. We envision a world where people of every size, especially fat, Black, Indigenous, disabled, and multiply marginalized people, have full body autonomy and access to healing-centered care and resources.

Our Purpose

This project harnesses our collective wisdom to abolish BMI as a barrier to accessing life-saving and gender-affirming care.

We are building a coalition of aligned organizations, projects, collectives, advocates, and community members committed to intersection liberation. This coalition will plan and implement education and advocacy efforts to abolish use of the BMI in all settings, and especially healthcare.

Our Guiding Values

  • Fat Liberation
  • Body Autonomy
  • Abolition
  • Collaboration
  • Harm Reduction
  • Collective Care
  • Accountability

About the Coalition

A team of ASDAH Leaders began meeting in January 2022 to form the grounding vision, purpose, and values for the coalition. We plan next to create the structure of the coalition and begin reaching out to partners to join the coalition.


Become a member of ASDAH and support the promotion of the Health at Every Size® and size inclusivity in health.

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