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Let’s Discuss the Centrality of “Health” in the HAES® Movement
A Teach-In with Tiana Dodson, Body Liberation Coach and Facilitator 


Join us for Health at Every Size® is a paradigm that gives many people the information, permission, and support to leave dieting behind and change their focus from weight to holistic well-being. However, the focus on “health” in the movement is complicated by recent research and publications by Sabrina Strings in her book “Fearing the Black Body,” and Da’Shaun L. Harrison’s “Belly of the Beast” that link the genesis of anti-Blackness with anti-fatness. In this talk, I will present themes from these two texts around the definition of health, the link between anti-Blackness and anti-fatness, how holding “health” and its pursuit as central in the HAES® movement is making it exclusive of the most marginalized of us, and share about what we can start trying instead.


Tiana Dodson is a fat, Body Liberation Coach and Facilitator who’s out to destroy the belief that you have to be skinny to be happy and healthy, loveable, or worthy. Through her work with the Fat Freedom programs, she guides people feminine-of-center to reconnect with their bodies, destigmatize fatness, and learn about the harms of health being a measure of worth… all while finding how they can live their best fat lives.

Cocktails & Conversation: A BIPOC-only Community Event 


Join ASDAH’s Community Liaison, Aaron Castillo for a community event exclusively for Black people, Indigenous people, and/or People of Color. More details and registration coming soon!

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