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Upcoming Events

Every month, year-round, we offer events of all kinds! Our hallmark education events and teach-ins deepen our understanding of health equity, improving access to healthcare, and abolishing weight-centric care. Education events are open to all Health at Every Size® Providers, Advocates, and folks who use HAES® in their personal approach to wellbeing. Member events are free to ASDAH members and provide connection and networking to engage with other ASDAH members. We also offer community events open to all – members and non-members – to build relationships and provide programming for those most impacted by fatphobia.

By registering for and attending ASDAH events, you consent to the following community agreements. The agreements can be read in full here.

  • This is An Accountable Space
  • Engage in Conversation in a Way that Is Inclusive, Generative & Impactful
  • Embrace Conflict, Discomfort, Friction, Imperfection, Nuance & A Both/And Mentality
  • No Racism, White Supremacy, Anti-Blackness, Anti-Fatness, Transphobia, Queer Antagonism, Ableism, Healthism, Ageism, Classism, or Other Forms of Oppression
  • Know That You Will Fuck Up
  • Take Care of Yourself
  • Stories Stay; Lessons Leave
  • Privacy & Confidentiality Cannot Be Assured
  • Commit to Self-Reflection & Action When You Leave This Space
A blue and purple sky graphic entitled “ASDAH Annual Membership Meeting” incorporating a collage of ASDAH’s staff and board with the details of the event in blue text “September 28th, 8PM EST” and the registration link “”

State of ASDAH Annual Meeting


Join us for our highly anticipated Annual Meeting! We are excited to connect with you and discuss our last year of work to improve healthcare for fat folks through the Health at Every Size® framework. This meeting will serve as libation for all we’ve transformed in the fires of freedom. It will also serve as a visioning space for the collective new world we’re building together. 

Join us on September 28th, 2022, at 8PM EST/ 7PM CT. 

Past Events

Select past events are available to the public on our YouTube Channel. Members have access to even more past events via the Member Portal! Join ASDAH today to access this great member benefit.

Event flier with neon colored landscape. A pic of Stephanie Chrismon wearing a shirt that reads "I'm rooting for everybody Black" in lower right corner. Text reads: AfroFuturism: Changing the Narrative on the Future of Bodies with Stephanie Chrismon, MFA, DEI Consultant. Join us to learn about AfroFuturism history& ideology and how we can apply it to the ongoing work of ending fat antagonism. Friday, Aug. 26, 12pm CT, via Zoom

AfroFuturism: Changing the Narrative on the Future of Bodies


This interactive workshop will give a history of AfroFuturism as well as an opportunity to discuss and work with the ideology of AfroFuturism (context, resilience, futurist ideation) as they apply to the ongoing work of ending fat antagonism. We will also discuss how we envision the ways in which we talk about bodies, examine bodies, and celebrate bodies in a way that humanizes all individuals along a spectrum of the diversity of bodies.

Event banner: background is teal rays expanding from the center outwards with a retro silver microphone in the center. Text reads: Open Mic Event: An ASDAH Member Event. Join us in sharing and celebrating each other's creative passions. Free & open to all ASDAH members! Sun. July 24, 2022. 11am PT, 2pm ET. 1 hour Virtual Event via Zoom, closed captioning available

Open Mic: An ASDAH Member Event


The first event of the 2022-2023 ASDAH board year is a very special members-only Open Mic Event on July 24, 2022 at 1pm CT. This is an opportunity to share your talents with other ASDAH members through spoken word, song, dance, puppetry, and all the other ways you express your creativity in 5-minute time slots. At ASDAH’s 2022 Conference, we announced this year’s theme, Dreaming of New Worlds: HAES® in the Future. We welcome members to explore this theme during the open mic or present other areas of interest.

Select past events are available to the public on our YouTube Channel. Members have access to even more past events via the Member Portal! Join ASDAH today to access this great member benefit.

To learn about upcoming and more recent events, click here.

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