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Guidelines for Contacting ASDAH

ASDAH is a small, grassroots nonprofit organization that is committed to combatting fatphobia in healthcare. Our current leadership team, including our staff and Board of Directors, is comprised of 8 people. Altogether we are the equivalent of about 3 full-time staff members. We are almost all Black & fat. We are also queer, trans, neurodiverse and disabled. We do our best within the confines of our limited resources and finite capacity. Although we provide some resources to the community for free, we are not an infinite wellspring of labor & resources. Our labor is not free and is not dictated by external deadlines. This work is supported by membership dues and donations. In order to be in right relationship with us and our organization, we ask that you consider this when engaging with the organization. The best way to be in right relationship with ASDAH is to support this work by becoming a member or donating.

We are committed to examining and unlearning ways that white supremacy culture has impacted our organization and the way, things like the sense of urgency, perfectionism and valuing quantity over quality. We ask that you uphold that same commitment and keep this in mind when interacting with our organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is one of our most important endeavors this year and one of our most complex projects with many unknown factors we’re navigating. As the timeline and details change, find the most up-to-date information on the project to update the listing on our project page.

We’re redesigning our provider listing to be easier to use and better meet the needs of our community, and to center those in our community who have been historically and are currently marginalized such as Black people, trans people, and superfat and larger people.

What we’ve found is that some of the providers that claim they are HAES®-aligned may not actually be aligned nor equipped to provide the HAES®️ framework of care.

We cannot in good faith recommend any provider or professional without a thorough vetting process. do not want any discrepancies nor do we want anyone in the community to be negatively impacted by a provider that claims to be Health at Every Size®️-aligned.

No, we do not provide referrals to healthcare providers. The listing will serve as a place where people looking for Health at Every Size®-aligned care can connect with providers.

Check out our listing FAQs for more on the Health at Every Size® Healthcare Provider Listing.

ASDAH members have access to a member directory and a members-only Facebook group where you can connect with others.

Both providers and the community want courses to learn the basics of Health at Every Size® from an anti-oppression and liberatory lens. We are currently working on a curriculum!

In the meantime, check out our upcoming events! These are some phenomenal folks to learn from.

We encourage you to stay tuned via social media (we’re on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) or become a member!

Each event is a little different. Our educational events which are ticketed are available only to people who registered by the day of the event. We cannot sell access to these recordings after the event. Most recordings are only available for a limited time after the event as well due to our speaker agreements. If you registered for an event, check your registration confirmation for these details. If you registered and it is still within the window, you can access these events through your member portal (select ‘past event recordings’ from the menu after logging in.)

Member events are often recorded, such as our annual event, and made available through the member portal as well.

Community events are sometimes, but not always, recorded. You can find any recordings available freely to all on our Learning More & Resources page.

We are not currently taking interview or media requests due to limited capacity.

We do not currently have capacity for these requests.

No, we don’t share member emails or send emails on behalf of others to our members.

ASDAH Members have access to our members-only Facebook group where they can connect with others and share their upcoming events and research opportunities. We don’t share member emails, send emails to our members, or post on our social media channels on behalf of others.

All of our available resources are currently on our website and blog.

We are a US-based organization with an international membership representing 42 countries. From Argentina to Zimbabwe!

Thanks for catching that! Please contact us with the details.

Unfortunately, we do not have resources that we can extend at this time.

Unfortunately, we do not have resources that we can extend at this time.We currently do not have volunteer or paid positions available. We will share these opportunities with our members via email and on social media (we’re on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).

Unfortunately, we do not have resources that we can extend at this time.

Still have questions? Contact us directly!

Please remember that your emails are read and responded to by a small team of real people. We reserve the right to not respond to messages that are disparaging, demanding, or otherwise not in right relationship with our team.

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