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Fat Activism & HAES®: Advocating for Ourselves & Our Clients in Healthcare Spaces

Fat people deserve justice. Access to quality healthcare is a basic human right. Despite what we deserve, we know the reality is quite different. Fat people are often denied gender- and life-affirming surgeries, organ transplants, medical & diagnostic testing, and participation in medical research studies. Providers’ fatphobic attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors often lead to healthcare avoidance by fat people. As fat people it can be very daunting to navigate these situations and advocate for ourselves. As fat-positive providers it can also be daunting going against the machine and advocating for our clients.

This free community event, a collaboration between ASDAH and NAAFA, will highlight the myriad ways both organizations are advocating for change in the areas of governance & policy, education & training, coalition building, and more. Participants will leave with actionable steps they can take to advocate for themselves and/or their clients when navigating fatphobia in our healthcare spaces and systems.

Event recording

Community Event - From South Africa to Nicaragua: Global Perspectives on HAES

Due to European colonialism and western imperialism, white supremacist, anti-Black, and anti-fat notions about bodies, food, health, and wellbeing are pervasive across the globe. We know that oppression is universal, but the ways in which oppression impacts people differ based on geographical and social locations. 

Frameworks such as Health at Every Size® have emerged to address & combat the problem of anti-fatness in healthcare. However they have been created & promoted from a very American/western/anglophone perspective and context. The HAES “movement” itself has perpetuated white supremacy culture. It has not only drowned out BIPOC & fat voices in the west, but also international voices from people of the global majority. 

This panel discussion highlights the voices of three HAES-aligned practitioners & fat liberation activists; Pontsho Pilane, Julia Lévy-Ndejuru, and Mónica Peralta.

Original Audio (English)

Spanish Interpretation

French Interpretation*

*We encountered an issue with this audio recording and apologize for the low quality. We’re working to make sure that future language interpretations are much more clear and understandable! 

Vision Updates

ASDAH Vision Update to Current, Lapsed, & Future Members

News & Stories

ASDAH 2022 Conference: Wrap Up and Reflections with Angel Austin

by Angel Austin, founder of Sacred Space for Fat Bodies The 2022 ASDAH Conference, with the theme, “Intersectional Liberation: What is Required of the Health at Every Size® Framework?”, is in the books! Held on Saturday, June 11, it was the most highly attended conference in ASDAH history. It’s been a year of growth and… Read More »ASDAH 2022 Conference: Wrap…

Where do we go from here?

To Our Valued Fat Liberation & HAES® Communities: In our last communication to you, we stated, “Though confronting the patterns of harm in our community is difficult, we grow and strengthen because of it. We have great hope for the future of HAES® and ASDAH and that is because of our incredible community.”  As anticipated… Read More »Where do we go…


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