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Exploring Our Future, Calling on Our Readers

ASDAH’s blog committee is reviewing its policies and procedures and we wanted to share some information with our readers.

The first issue concerns frequency.  Currently, we post blog pieces on a weekly basis.   As we are an all-volunteer committee with different day jobs and multiple volunteer commitments (as our bloggers are), this has become a challenge, and consequently, we will be reducing the frequency of our posts. This was a difficult decision for us to make, as we too sometimes struggle with exceedingly high expectations.  But in the spirit of HAES®  and overall acceptance, we know that by doing this, we will be better able to bring you the high quality material that furthers your knowledge about the HAES  movement, our size acceptance community and the issues impacting and influencing us collectively.

Secondly, we want to know if there’s any content you would like to see us cover in the blog.  So, feel free to suggest topics in the comments section. Tell us what new content you want to see us add or issues you want to see fleshed out and discussed more.

Lastly, we are looking for eager participants to join our team and expand our knowledge.  So, if you are currently a reader of this blog and you’re passionate about the Health At Every Size® approach but not a member of ASDAH, please consider reaching out to the community by contacting us so you can be featured in a Building Bridges interview. This way, we can expand our reach beyond our organization to the broader HAES community and discuss topics that are meaningful to all of our readers.

With warmth and appreciation for our entire readership and the amazing volunteers who write for us, 

The Blog Committee
(Amy Herskowitz, Chair; Marsha Hudnall; Dr. Deah Schwartz; Dr. Stacey Nye)

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