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Health at Every Size® Healthcare Provider Listing

Gina Sellinger, MPH, RDN


Registered Dietitian

Gentle Nutrition With Gina
Traverse City, Virtual,
United States

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Special Instructions: Folks can schedule a free "Discovery Call" with me. From there, we can schedule an Intake if we determine we're a good fit for each other.
Sliding Scale Available
Specialties & Areas of Focus:
- Eating Disorders
- Disordered Eating
- Intuitive Eating
- Body Image
Age Groups Served:
- Teens (13-18 years old)
- Adults (18 years old and up)
- Older Adults (65+ years old)
Additional Populations Served & Allied Groups:
- BIPOC folks
Languages Services Offered In:
- English

My Philosophy of Care

As an eating disorder clinician, my practice is centered around my client's autonomy as much as it can be. My style is relational, gentle, humor-infused and social justice oriented. I take a non-coercive approach and I believe that the therapeutic relationship is one of the most important aspects of care. My goal as a provider is to build trust with my clients, and to walk along side of them as they move through whatever journey they're on in their recovery.
Health at Every Size ® Care is important to me because it expands our view of "health" to allow for a more inclusive lens of what "health" can be for any individual. I also believe that all bodies are deserving of respect regardless of their pursuit of health or not. I am always working to understand and identify the nuance that is present in conversations with my clients around health, weight and recovery. My aim as a provider is to help my clients uncover what they want for themselves in terms of their relationship with food, movement and their bodies, and then to support them in getting to that point. I incorporate the Health at Every Size® principles when discussing these concepts with my clients. My hope is to empower my clients to find what works best for them in terms of eating/movement, while acknowledging the systems of oppression & weight stigma that can get in the way of these pursuits.

About Me & My Practice

I have been practicing as an RD since 2020 and have experience working with those in recovery from eating disorders and disordered eating. I have worked at various levels of care, including partial hospitalization programs (PHP) in both Colorado and Michigan, intensive outpatient programs (IOP) and outpatient care. ​
I became passionate about working in the eating disorder field while in graduate school at the University of Michigan. This is where I learned about the dieting industry as well as Health at Every Size ®. For many of my clients, our dieting culture has contributed immensely to the onset of their disordered eating and/or eating disorder, and Health at Every Size ® is a radical and welcomed approach for my clients seeking liberation.
As a provider, I know my role also consists of advocating on my clients' behalf when necessary. This includes reaching out to other medical providers and requesting that weights not be taken or discussed and/or providing education on eating disorders and pushing for my clients in larger bodies to receive appropriate eating disorder care despite the often held beliefs in the medical community that eating disorders have a certain "look", leading to so many eating disorders in marginalized populations being missed.
When I'm not working with my clients, you can find me cuddling my dog Scoby, frequenting my favorite local coffee shops, getting crafty or walking in the woods!

Accessibility Considerations

At this time I am mostly virtual but plan on seeing clients in person one day a week starting in May 2024. This means that good internet is important for smooth virtual sessions. I am aware that this may not be achievable for every one and I can accommodate phone sessions as well. I encourage my clients to find comfortable, private spaces for sessions. Again, privacy is not always guaranteed for everyone and I am open to troubleshooting with my clients to find the best possible space for sessions.
If necessary, I will remind my clients to take a gentle stretch break if they find that sitting for a long time is uncomfortable for any reason.
For in person clients, the office is accessible via elevator & is wheelchair accessible as well. This is a subleased space, and while I'm working with the tenant on increasing seating size options, this is still a work in progress.

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