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Health at Every Size® Healthcare Provider Listing

Malak Saddy RD, LD/N, CEDS-C


Registered Dietitian

United States

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Sliding Scale Available
Specialties & Areas of Focus:
- Eating Disorders
- Disordered Eating Patterns
- Intuitive Eating
- Body Image
Modalities & Theoretical Lenses:
- Individual Nutrition Therapy
- Caregivers Support
- Fat liberation
- Non Diet
- Person Centered
- Cognitive Behavior Therapy
- Exposure Response Prevention
Age Groups Served:
- Children (birth through 12 years)
- Teens (13-18 years old)
- Adults (18 years old and up)
- Older Adults (65+ years old)
Additional Populations Served & Allied Groups:
- Muslims
- People Pleasers/Perfectionists
- Fat Folks
- Cultural Diversity
Languages Services Offered In:
- Arabic

My Philosophy of Care

As a registered dietitian specializing in eating disorders, my philosophy of care is deeply rooted in creating a holistic and individualized approach that fosters a safe and empathetic environment for my clients and audience. Growing up as in first generation Lebanese Muslim American household, I witnessed firsthand the unifying power of food within a community, inspiring my career path in dietetics. This cultural and religious background has instilled in me a commitment to recognizing the unique needs and experiences of everyone. In my theoretical approach, I draw from the framework of Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size® (HAES), cultural and religious backgrounds, and trauma-informed care. These frameworks allow me to acknowledge the interconnected emotional and psychological dimensions of one’s relationship with food, moving beyond the traditional focus solely on nutritional aspects. I am dedicated and passionate in providing a holistic, individualized, and inclusive approach rooted in fat liberation. Being a Health at Every Size® provider is meaningful to me on a personal and professional level. It signifies a commitment to recognizing and valuing the inherent worth of every individual, irrespective of their body size.

About Me & My Practice

My venture into the world of nutrition, eating disorders, and Health at Every Size® (HAES) principles has been a blend of personal experiences, cultural roots, and a deep commitment to inclusive healthcare practices. Growing up in a Lebanese American Muslim household, I witnessed the beautiful fusion of food, family, and culture. That experience, coupled with my knack for challenging the norm, set me on the path to becoming a dietitian. Early on, I recognized that health has nothing to do with the numbers on the scale. My journey into the Health at Every Size® (HAES) world unfolded during my freshman year of college. Volunteering with an eating disorder dietitian opened my eyes to the limitations of conventional weight-centric approaches. That lightbulb moment sparked a fire in me to shake up the healthcare game and make it more inclusive. Since then, I've been on a mission, breaking norms, pushing boundaries, and championing a healthcare approach that embraces everyone. Practicing from a Health at Every Size® perspective is my jam. I'm on a mission to challenge societal norms that perpetuate medical fatphobia. I actively work towards creating awareness and understanding of HAES principles in both professional and public settings. Beyond my work as a dietitian, I am an extrovert who thrives on human connection and loves a good outdoor social outing. If I wasn’t a dietitian, I’d likely be a florist or landscape architect, drawn to the outdoors, and the beauty of flowers.

Accessibility Considerations

In my nutrition counseling private practice, my commitment is to cultivate an inclusive and welcoming environment for individuals of all backgrounds, sizes, and identities. All nutrition sessions are currently virtual and have closed captioning ability if needed. Acknowledging the diverse spectrum of human experiences, I prioritize language and actions that respect the inherent dignity of each person. Language is carefully chosen to affirm diverse gender identities, and I actively seek to understand and address the unique needs of each client. Outside of my sessions with clients, I work hard to collaborate care with other treatment providers (therapist, medical doctors, psychologist, and other providers) on client care always including the client in the conversations. Should a client need additional supportive measures via ASL or a translator I would help provide them with referrals that would meet their own unique needs. I remain dedicated to creating a space where all clients feel heard, respected, and empowered throughout their journey to eating disorder recovery. This commitment to inclusivity is an integral aspect of my practice, reflecting my belief in the value and importance of diversity in all its forms. Committed to fostering a more inclusive environment, I actively seek to expand my knowledge in areas such as diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism, ensuring that my practice remains a space where everyone feels valued and supported.

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