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In the summer haze, a season full of HAES-inspired events!

by Amy Herskowitz,MSc

Being connected to various size acceptance and fat activism listservs, blogs, online groups and social media sites allows us to broadcast some of the incredible events going on around the globe, both virtually and in-person that are welcoming, celebratory, educational, political, or any combination of these, and more.

Today’s blog post invites your participation to share this season’s open HAES events in your area, or online. By “open,” we mean events that are not by invitation only. Let us know what you’re excited to attend! Use the comment field to note when the event is taking place (date and time), where it’s being held (Address, City, Country or online URL) and give us a blurb to describe the occasion, whether costs are involved or any other pertinent information that your fellow size acceptance tribe would want to know.

We’ll start you off with two awesome events — one face-to-face and one virtual:

  • August 9 – Fat and Beachin’! Location: Hanlan’s Point beach, Toronto Canada. We need a Fat, Awesome and Queer beach day!!! Let’s go to Hanlan’s and get as naked as we wanna and fat it up at the beach!! Allies are also more than welcome but please, this is meant to be a safe space for fat folks to hang out!! We’ll meet at the ferry docks for 2 pm and the host will bring a bright umbrella which you can then use to find the group if you want to join them later on.
  • August 22 – 24 – Fat Activism Conference: Looking for more skills to advocate for yourself in the doctor’s office and beyond? Check out the Fat Activism Conference.  Three days, 40 speakers, 30 workshops, teleconference style so that you can listen on the phone or computer from wherever you are, recorded so you can listen live or on your own time, only $39 with a pay-what-you-can option to make it accessible to as many people as possible.  Check it out!

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