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Apply to alpha test the new and improved Health at Every Size® Professional Listing

Applications Closed - thank you to all who applied!

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes on the new and improved Health at Every Size® Listing! The next phase is called ‘alpha testing’ where a small group of folks go through the process of being listed to help us work out the bugs.

We’re looking for a diverse group of HAES® Professionals (people who would apply to be on the listing) from a variety of professions, locations (especially different countries), and lived experiences to provide robust feedback. You must be an ASDAH member to participate in alpha testing.

Benefits of Being an Alpha Tester

  • You will get early access to be one of the first to apply for the listing
  • You get to shape the final listing
  • You’re helping make a resource that reduces harm to those most impacted by fatphobia in healthcare systems

Your Commitment (5 hours, estimated):

  • Attend and/or view the recording of Alpha Tester Training Session
  • Complete the process and application to apply to be listed
  • Review your final profile and test various account features (e.g. submitting an edit to your profile)
  • Complete feedback forms for each part of the process with detailed feedback
  • Possibly attend a focus group for more in depth discussion/feedback


  • Alpha testing applications due: Applications closed! Thank you to everyone who applied!
    • Notifications by Friday, Jan 20, 2023
  • Alpha tester training session (will be recorded): Tuesday, Jan 24, 2023 at 12pm CT
  • Complete application and feedback form by: Sunday, Jan 29, 2023
  • Complete review of profile/edit features and feedback form by: Sunday, Feb 5, 2023

Can’t give your time? Consider donating! Building and maintaining the HAES® Listing is one of our biggest expenses. Your contributions make it possible!

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