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Health at Every Size® Healthcare Provider Listing

Carrie Dennett, MPH, RDN


Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

Nutrition By Carrie
United States

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Sliding Scale Available
Specialties & Areas of Focus:
- Intuitive Eating
- Mindfulness and Mindful Eating
- Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
- Binge Eating Disorder
- Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
- Healthy Aging
- Body Image
- Eating Disorders
Modalities & Theoretical Lenses:
- Intuitive Eating
- Mindfulness
- Body Liberation
- Self Compassion
- Trauma Informed
Age Groups Served:
- Adults (18 years old and up)
Additional Populations Served & Allied Groups:
- Transgender and Nonbinary
- Perfectionists/People Pleasers
- Neurodiverse
Languages Services Offered In:
- English

My Philosophy of Care

I endeavor to provide ethical, evidence-based care to each of my clients. For me, this includes approaching health and healthcare through a weight-inclusive, trauma-informed, liberatory framework that honors each client's lived experience as evidence.

I use a variety of modalities in my practice, adapting them as is useful and appropriate with each individual. If a client wants to set goals, we do that. If they prefer to reflect on what we discuss in sessions, they do that. Health, and the desire and ability to pursue health enhancing behaviors, is individual and variable over time, and is not a requirement. I remind my clients of that, just as I remind them that many factors outside of our control influence health. I consider each client's history (food and body history, physical and mental health history, family history, trauma/stigma history, etc.) and current life circumstances so I can better understand them as a person and to inform any recommendations they consent to.

Offering care from a Health at Every Size® perspective is important to me because its ethical care, and it is care that honors the person, not the system.

About Me & My Practice

I'll be honest, when I went back to grad school to become a dietitian I planned to offer weight loss. I was personally entrenched in in diet culture, and did not question the idea that weight loss was essential for health. Fortunately I was exposed to HAES®, intuitive eating, and the social determinants of health during my otherwise weight-centric education. That started to turn the tide, and I began the work to personally and professionally move away from weight-centrism.

In addition to becoming a certified Intuitive Eating counselor, I have sought out training and readings on trauma-informed care, body image, neurodivergence and perspectives on nutrition, eating disorders and related topics that don't center thin, white, cis/het, neurotypical voices and experiences. I approach my work and my continued evolution with curiosity and open-mindedness.

As a journalist and speaker who communicates to both the public and my fellow dietitians, I use my platform to call attention to the harms of anti-fat bias, especially in healthcare, and to challenge the notion that health is something that's within our control and equally accessible to all.

Outside of work, I love to read, garden, travel (again!), do yoga, walk my golden retriever, and listen to music and podcasts. When I have the time and energy, I enjoy cooking from my too-large collection of cookbooks. I have a meditation practice that sometimes falters, and when it does, I just begin again.

Accessibility Considerations

Because my practice is virtual, clients interact only with me. I see most clients via video calls, and closed captioning is available. If the client prefers, video calls can be done with video off, or we can hold the session via phone call. I do not ask clients to provide weight information unless it is medically necessary.

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