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Health at Every Size® Healthcare Provider Listing

JodiAnn Stevenson


Weight-Inclusive Health Coach & Personal Trainer

Head & Heart Therapeutic Solutions & Bad Dog Rebel Fitness & Yoga
Traverse City,
United States

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Special Instructions: Free 15-minute consultations are available.
Sliding Scale Available
Additional information about where I can practice: I am able to practice health coaching and personal training online anywhere in the United States or world. I see folks in person in Traverse City and Frankfort, Michigan.
Specialties & Areas of Focus:
- Recovery from Eating Disorder
- Recovery from Occupational Burnout
- Recovery from Healthcare Trauma
- Recovery from Fitness Trauma and Exercise Resistance
- Intuitive Eating Support
- Rediscovering Joyful Movement Support
Modalities & Theoretical Lenses:
- Intersectional Feminist
- Marxist Leaning
- Commitment to Decolonization
- Womanist
- Liberatory
Age Groups Served:
- Adults (18 years old and up)
- Older Adults (65+ years old)
Additional Populations Served & Allied Groups:
- Trans & Nonbinary
- BIPOC, Latinx
- Academics & Teachers
- Folks suffering from occupational burnout
- Folks in recovery from eating disorder, especially atypical anorexia
- Folks in recovery from healthcare trauma and mistreatment
- Folks in recovery from fitness trauma and/or exercise resistance
Languages Services Offered In:
- English

My Philosophy of Care

I believe that every body deserves respect, dignity and compassion and that re/building a foundation of body sovereignty is the first step on the path toward this freedom. With my clients, I co-create a brave space for the honest exploration of the internal and external sources that disrupt our ability to be friendly and loving toward our own bodies. I trust every client to be the world's number one expert on their own body and life experiences and see it as my primary duty to listen deeply, witness, and support that innate wisdom.

To help guide my clients on this journey, I offer integrative, holistic Health At Every Size®️-aligned Health Coaching that includes weight-inclusive programming and Intuitive Eating® guidance. I re/mix motivational interviewing, reflective dialogue, education, practical trouble-shooting, humor, compassion, arts-based expressive activities, body awareness exercises, and other techniques to meet my clients where they are and support their work in moving closer to where they would like to go.

About Me & My Practice

I moved into the field of health coaching after a 23-year career as an English Professor. In that field, I experienced massive burnout. To recover, I became involved in the mainstream health-fitness industry where I recognized first-hand how much disorder and dysfunction exist there. In recovery from atypical anorexia, I discovered HAES®️, Intuitive Eating, and fat liberation activism. I have been committed to coaching from a weight-neutral, body liberation-orientation since 2016.

I am an ACE-Certified Health Coach with a Health Fitness Specialist AAS, and an advanced academic certificate in Personal Training. I am also a 200RYT yoga teacher. I have completed Louise Green’s Size Inclusive Training Specialist Program; Dianne Bondy & Amber Karnes’ Yoga For All Training; and Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch’s Original Intuitive Eating Pros®️ Intuitive Eating Certification.

I am a queer, small-fat, cis woman with Chicana heritage who lives with white, cis, het (passing) privilege. I am a survivor. I am a devout lifelong learner who holds a BA from the University of Michigan, an MA from New Mexico State University, an MFA from Goddard College and am currently working toward a PhD at California Institute of Integral Research in Transformative Studies. My current areas of scholarship are Critical and Creative Approaches to Health and Poetic Inquiry. My specific area of focus is shifting healthcare and fitness spaces toward weight neutrality.

Accessibility Considerations

The building/ office where I practice in-person coaching, unfortunately, has limited accessibility for folks in wheelchairs or with limited mobility. I am happy to offer online coaching for anyone who would rather avoid that hassle. I am also happy to schedule a bit of additional time around an in-person visit to help you navigate our elevator system/ location.

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