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Health at Every Size® Healthcare Provider Listing

image of Nadia Felsch

Nadia Felsch BHSc


Fat Positive Nutritionist, Intuitive Eating Counsellor & Body Acceptance Coach

Nadia Felsch Nutrition
New South Wales,

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Takes Insurance
Sliding Scale Available
In-Network Insurance Companies:
- Medibank
Specialties & Areas of Focus:
- Intuitive Eating
- Non-Diet Nutrition
- Disordered eating
- Emotional eating
- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
- Binge eating
- ADHD and eating
Modalities & Theoretical Lenses:
- Trauma Informed
- Non-Diet nutrition
- Weight-inclusive healthcare
- Fat liberation
- Client-centred
- Anti-oppressive, intersectional, feminist lens
Age Groups Served:
- Adults (18 years old and up)
- Older Adults (65+ years old)
Additional Populations Served & Allied Groups:
- folks wanting to reclaim their bodies
- perfectionists/people pleasers
- childfree folks
- parents
- folks struggling with chronic illness including polycystic ovarian syndrome
- folks struggling to nourish themselves without all or nothing thinking
- gender non-conforming folks
- humans
Languages Services Offered In:
- English

My Philosophy of Care

I provide non-diet, fat-positive, weight-inclusive nutrition and body image support via an anti-oppressive, intersectional feminist lens⁣ because - we don’t find food and body pain and challenge all on our own. 
I practice from a Health at Every Size® and fat liberation perspective because dismantling and resisting the oppressive ideologies that we all live within are fundamental to our wellbeing. Specifically, anti-fatness is at the core of disordered eating behaviours and as long as healthcare centres weight and doesn’t address politics, we’ll continue to have folks experiencing pain around food and their bodies. Healthcare is political and I’m focused on providing clients a space that’s for them and about them. Encouraging and guiding folks back to their clever bodies and trusting themselves around food, movement and overall well-being practices. Which might include guiding clients to find yummy, connected and supportive food experiences that support them on their terms without the healthism and anti-fatness. My own lived experience with mental health struggles and chronic illness have enabled me to better support other folks struggling too. As someone with multiple privileged identities, I centre and learn from folks with intersecting marginalised identities that I don’t hold - which includes the resources I recommend to my clients. I’m interested in getting to know and centre my clients experiences, guide them back there every time and be in partnership.

About Me & My Practice

I’ve been working from a Health at Every Size® since 2019 after graduating from university in 2018⁣ and the echoes of this work for me can be found in my disordered eating and body image struggles⁣. My work lights me up everyday - supporting folks struggling with their food and body relationship to claim back their empowerment and bodies!⁣ - and I want to work myself out of a job - where my job isn’t one that’s required! 

I spend time advocating for fat liberation and dismantling of oppressive healthcare online and on my podcast including centreing and learning from those who are most impacted by medical fatphobia. I live and work on Gadigal Country in Sydney Australia with my partner Tippy + our mini dachshund pups named Toast and Avocado. I live with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and multiple mental health concerns including panic disorder + complex post-traumatic stress disorder. I love the mornings⁣, swear unapologetically and love when others do too⁣ and am my happiest when I’m outside, in the ocean, moving my body and also when I’m drinking good coffee. ⁣ Unlearning everything and examining my own beliefs is something I value highly ⁣as I do trashy watching including RHONY, RHOA + RHOBH.

Accessibility Considerations

My services are 100% virtual. No discussion of weight or weight levels/sizes is necessary at any time - including on paperwork - unless someone wishes to share with me. I seek ongoing consent to share information/education with you in a partnered healthcare relationship as opposed to a hierarchial one. From the outset I seek to learn how clients identify with their gender, pronouns and name as well as how they best learn and share. Including whether they prefer their camera on/off and/or utilise written resources more so than visual or verbal options.

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