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FIND A Health At Every Size® healthcare Provider

Health at Every Size® Provider Listing Project

One of the biggest barriers for fat people and people of all sizes is navigating traditionally fatphobic settings such as healthcare, complementary and alternative medicine, and fitness spaces. We’re redesigning our listing of healthcare providers to be easier to use and better meet the needs of our community, and to center those in our community who have been historically and are currently marginalized such as Black people, trans people, and superfat and larger people.

We are planning a multi-phase rollout with each phase informed by what we learn in the prior phases. We will have multiple opportunities for feedback as we learn more and create early prototypes of the listing.

HAES® Provider Listing Project Work Plan Phases

Subject to change based on resource availability – updated 11/27/2022

Jan-Feb 2022 – Initial community input collection and analysis

Feb-April 2022 – Explore technology solutions

Aug-Dec 2022 – Create first draft of listing

January 2023 – Alpha test listing and make changes

February 2023 – Launch new & improved listing beta!

Feb-June 2023 – Gather community input and plan next round of revisions and updates

Hosting an up-to-date HAES® listing which meets the needs of our community is one of our top priorities and it takes a lot of resources! If you have the means, monthly recurring donations help us create and maintain this valuable community resource.

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