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HAES® Provider Listing: frequently asked questions

Health at Every Size® Provider Listing FAQs

In order to be considered for the Health at Every Size® Provider Listing, you must:

     1. be an ASDAH member

     2. be a healthcare professional (including complementary and alternative medicine professionals and fitness professionals.)

Membership is required to financially support the on-going costs of maintaining the listing as well as to show your commitment to lifelong learning about Health at Every Size®. Note that we offer income-based membership fees, as well as memberships at no cost for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).

As a member, you will be eligible to apply for the listing but are not guaranteed approval. See below for the vetting process.

We are rolling out application availability as we are able to based on organizational capacity. We anticipate all current members as of March 2023 will be invited to apply by June 2023. After the initial influx of applications, new members will be able to apply as soon as they are members.

After a technical review to ensure the submitted information is compatible with the listing technology and consistent with our established conventions, we vet providers for alignment with Health at Every Size® Principles using a series of questions. Depending on their overall score, we may further review their website, social media content, and other submitting information. We may also ask for more information or clarification.

We review for alignment with the Health at Every Size® Principles including the future vision we are moving towards with the ongoing HAES® Principles revision.

As the new Health at Every Size® Principles and Curriculum are completed, we anticipate this process will change. Previously approved listings will be required to adhere to new standards (within a grace period) in order to remain on the listing.

All providers agree to our term of use which include that they are appropriately trained and credentialed for their given profession and practice location(s). Requirements vary by profession, country of practice, and sometimes state/province/territory of practice and we encourage all users to verify local requirements for your providers.

In our initial survey gathering input from over 400 future list users, the overwhelming need identified was access to less harmful healthcare providers within the healthcare system. In particular, many respondents noted that medical providers were drowned out by influencers and private businesses that didn’t not meet their needs. We are focusing on building this listing to meet that need for the time being.

We are always looking to improve the Health at Every Size® Provider Listing! Expanding the listing and adding new features require time and money, so if you have the means, consider donating. As resources become available, we will continue updating the listing.

Patient reviews and a map feature were two of the most requested features from the first release that we will be working on. If you have more suggestions, you can submit your suggestions below.

In addition to vetting each provider to better ensure alignment with Health at Every Size® Principles, we believe informed consent also extends to providers. We only list healthcare providers who consent to being on a list of this nature. This protects providers as well as patients. Many fat people report hostility from providers who get listed on similar listings without their permission.

If you know a provider you think would be a good addition – send them to our website to learn more!

It is impossible for us to perfectly vet providers for this list and there may be some people who get on this list who probably shouldn’t be. We invite people to report providers they feel are not practicing in alignment with the Health at Every Size® Principles and Framework of Care.

We will review the information submitted, and if warranted, we will investigate further. The results of the investigation will remain confidential.

It is important to remember that there is not one single way to approach Health at Every Size®. Not every Health at Every Size® Provider will be right for every patient looking for Health at Every Size®-aligned care. We encourage all users of this list to take additional steps to identify if a provider is a good fit for you.

Additionally, learning about Health at Every Size® care is a lifelong process. Not every provider will have the same set of information and experiences. We leave space for providers to continue learning and growing.

Health at Every Size® Provider Listing Feedback & Suggestions

What features do you want to see next on the listing? Submit any feedback or suggestions for continued development of the listing!

Submit a Concern about a Provider on the Listing

If you have had a direct experience with a provider on this list that leads you to believe they are not aligned with the Health at Every Size® Principles and Framework of Care, you can submit your concern here. We encourage you to share as many details as you can to help understand the context of the report so we can investigate thoroughly. Your identifying information will not be shared including your name, email, or specifics of your report that could identify you. Similarly, we don’t keep the results of the investigation confidential.


Become a member of ASDAH and support the promotion of the Health at Every Size® and size inclusivity in health.

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