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Evaluation & Continuing education request form

Members Only Book Club Meeting: Belly of the Beast

Use this form to provide feedback on this event and/or if you are requesting a CDR or APA certificate of completion or a certificate of attendance for other credentialing organizations. Please allow 5 business days to process CE certificates and certificates of attendance.

Continuing Education Credit Options

Certificates of completion are offered for this event for 1 CE/CEU through the CDR and APA whether you attended the live session or watched the recording. We can also prepare a certificate of attendance to support submissions to other accrediting bodies. Note: Check your credentialing organization to see if they accept pre-approved CDR or APA continuing education credits.

Continuing Education Certificate Request Form

Are you requesting a continuing education certificate of completion/attendance? (CEs are only available to the Professional Membership tier) *

APA Approval is still pending. You may try submitting for credit using the CDR certificate or certificate of attendance. Otherwise, you can complete this form for APA credit and we will follow up with next steps once we have more information.

Enter your name as you want it to appear on your certificate: *
What email should we send your certificate to? *
Are you requesting a certificate for the live or recorded session? (If you did both, select the live session option.) *
Are you requesting a certificate for the live or recorded session? (If you did both, select the live session option.) *

Assessment Questions

Please complete the following assessment questions as required by the APA for continuing education credits from recorded sessions.

The quest for fat liberation is inextricably linked to the quest for Black liberation *
It could be argued that which of the following Black men & children were harmed/killed by anti-Blackness and anti-fatness: *
Health as defined by the World Health Organization is the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not just the absence of disease or infirmity. By this definition Black people, fat people, disabled people, and those who exist with multiple marginalized identities are always unhealthy because they are always unsafe. *
As explained in this session can be summed up by the following action(s): *
According to the text, which entities made public critiques of and/or called out errors in the CDC’s JAMA report that spearheaded the “War on Obesity.” *

Event Evaluation

What lessons from this session are you taking with you into the world?
As a result of this session, what actionable steps will you make professionally or personally?
What will you do to continue learning about the topics covered in the session?
Do you have any other last comments or thoughts to share with the ASDAH Leadership Team?




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